Kai Rains

Ph.D.,Research Associate Professor

My expertise includes plant-soil-water interactions, landscape ecology, and the use of geospatial technologies in regional-scale mapping and assessment, with a particular emphasis on wetland environments. The fundamental theme central to my research is plant adaptation to environmental stresses, such as inundation and soil toxicity, extending from the scale of the individual to the landscape. My experience encompasses more than two decades in academia and the private sector investigating plant-soil-water dynamics and landscape ecology, including soil nutrient dynamics, root growth, mycorrhizal associations, and analyses of wetland functions and resources. I am pleased to have recently returned to University of South Florida, where I previously taught Wetland Science and Florida Plant Identification, after nine years in the private sector as a project manager, senior wetland scientist, botanist, geoanalyst, field scientist, and database manager on large-scale (i.e., 100,000-300,000 acres) projects for international mining companies and state and federal agencies throughout Alaska.