• Sponsor(s):
    Hillsborough co. Environmental Protection
  • Partner(s):
    Hillsborough County Specialized Services; Tampa Bay Estuary Program
  • Principal Investigators:
  • Dates:
    October 2010 through September 2011

This is a research project to design and implement methods of tracking seagrass abundance and seabed boat propellor scarring using low-cost bathymetric equipment mounted on small boats.

Project Results / Publications:

  • Hillsborough County & City of Tampa Water Atlas   Link

    University of South Florida

    A website that helps communities to make informed decisions by providing up-to-date information on our vital water resources.

  • Tampa Bay Estuary Atlas   Link

    University of South Florida

    This interactive web-based atlas is an information gateway for citizens interested in the health of Tampa Bay, Florida's largest open-water estuary. Its geographic coverage includes the study area of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, a regional alliance that is part of the US Environmental Protection Agency's National Estuary Program.

  • Use of Side-scanning Sonar Equipment to Image Physical Impacts of Recreational Boating on Seagrass Beds in Cockroach Bay, Florida   Link

    University of South Florida

    Project report describing the equipment, procedures, benefits, and limitations of a technique to add side-scanning sonar during bathymetry collection to detect and map seagrass scars in Cockroach Bay, in Lower Tampa Bay.