• Principal Investigators:
  • Dates:
    November 2012 through April 2013

This project is a follow-on to the report "Prioritizing Habitat Restoration Goals in the Tampa Bay Watershed" which analyzed historical changes to freshwater wetland habitats in the Tampa Bay estuary's watershed from 1950 to 2007, identified changes in extent, structure, function and quality of those wetland habitats, assessed the state and condition of existing wetlands, and developed screening tools for use by local stakeholders in prioritizing restoration, mitigation, and preservation targets. This supplemental project applies those tools to an expanded geographic area, assessing the historical changes in, current status and quality of wetlands in all of Manatee County.

Project Results / Publications:

  • Prioritizing Habitat Restoration Goals in the Tampa Bay Watershed   Link

    This report summarizes ecological, hydrological, econometric and GIS analyses of freshwater wetland habitats in the Tampa Bay Estuary Program's study area. It maps historical changes from 1950-2007, identifies changes in quality and function of wetland habitats, describes tools developed to assess wetland quality, and describes the results obtained by using the assessment tools. Econometric modeling was employed to assess economic viability of future restoration/mitigation/preservation targets.