The project will include a one-year design and implementation phase (Phase I) and a two-year web and catalog maintenance and refinement phase (Phase II). The initial project period is 12 months and the total project period is 36 months. The primary goal of the first phase of the project is to design and implement an internet-based, publicly accessible database of information (metadata) about water resource monitoring efforts in the state of Florida, in order to promote effective and efficient use of monitoring resources. The intent of the second phase of the project is to maintain, update and enhance the database and website designed and implemented in Phase I.

Project Results / Publications:

  • Catalog of Florida Monitoring Programs ("Water-CAT")   Link

    This online, searchable database answers the questions "who, what, where, when and why?" for water resource managers, researchers and citizens. It contains "metadata" acquired directly from organizations performing water resource monitoring, or indirectly via regulatory agencies that receive routine submissions of monitoring data. The primary goal of the project is to make it easier for water resource managers to coordinate their efforts and share information.