• Principal Investigators:
  • Dates:
    October 2015 through May 2017

The primary goals of this project are to conduct the field and remote sampling and data analysis necessary to measure the 2016 extent, condition and value of the tree canopy and urban forest, and how the forest has changed during the five years since the past study and ten years since the first study. The measurements collected by the study will provide data required to evaluate the performance of the Management Plan. In addition, data and analysis conducted by this study will allow the project team to quantify the impact of trees on the sales price of recently sold properties, and thus estimate the economic contribution of trees and the urban forest on the property tax base within the City of Tampa. Finally, the project team will examine parcels where tree removal permits were issued during the past decade and evaluate how the tree canopy has grown since permits were issued, thus providing valuable information about the impact of Tampa’s tree permitting policies.