• Sponsor(s):
    Tampa Bay Estuary Program
  • Partner(s):
    United States Geological Survey and Florida Wildlife Research Institute
  • Principal Investigators:
  • Dates:
    September 2004 through September 2017

The goal of the Atlas will be to consolidate surface water related information from multiple agencies and disseminate the information to the public, decision makers, and the scientific community. The Atlas will be available as an interactive web site designed to be make science and watershed management understandable to all stakeholders. The Atlas will serve as an archive of historic data and a continuously improving reference for new water resource information. As part of a separate contract, a prototype Tampa Bay Estuary Atlas was created as part of a collaborative effort between Tampa Bay Estuary Program (TBEP), USGS, Florida Marine Research Institute (FMRI), the University of South Florida (USF), and numerous individuals representing government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the public. This project will implement the prototype and make it available to the public via the internet.

Project Results / Publications:

  • WaterAtlas.org   Link

    University of South Florida

    This is the web portal that provides access to all of the Water Atlas websites. Each Water Atlas is a website that helps communities to make informed decisions by providing up-to-date information on our vital water resources.

  • Tampa Bay Estuary Atlas   Link

    University of South Florida

    This interactive web-based atlas is an information gateway for citizens interested in the health of Tampa Bay, Florida's largest open-water estuary. Its geographic coverage includes the study area of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, a regional alliance that is part of the US Environmental Protection Agency's National Estuary Program.

  • Pinellas County Water Atlas   Link

    University of South Florida

    This interactive web-based atlas provides information on local water resources, watershed planning, environmental events, a "watershed excursion" feature, and school curriculum. Supplemental sponsorship funding has come from the Pinellas County Environmental Foundation and the Florida Department of Transportation.

  • Manatee County Water Atlas   Link

    University of South Florida

    This interactive web-based atlas is designed to provide residents, visitors, and businesses with an easy-to-use tool to access information about the area's water resources. It is suitable for all ages and interest levels, a science-oriented resource that can be utilized by families, students, and professionals.