• Sponsor(s):
    City of Tampa
  • Principal Investigators:
  • Dates:
    June 2005 through September 2007

Prior to 2006, the City of Tampa maintained their stormwater inventory as hard copy stormwater Atlas pages. Since June of 2005, the University of South Florida (University) and the City of Tampa (City) have worked together to develop a comprehensive citywide GIS stormwater asset inventory utilizing atlas pages, as-built documents and other available data sources. Having completed the citywide GIS inventory, the University and City will work together to field verify stormwater assets, collect data for specific locations within the City where asset information were either rmissing or incorrect (i.e. due to recent construction), improve overall quality of the data, prepare data for incorporation into the City's enterprise data management system, and assist City staff with protocol development and training to ensure that City employees can take over responsibility for data maintenance and updates.