Mark Rains

Chief Science Officer for the State of Florida; Professor, School of Geosciences, College of Arts & Sciences

Organization: University of South Florida

Education: B.A., M.S. in ecology; Ph.D. in hydrogeology, University of California, Davis

Lab: Ecohydrology Research Group

Subject Areas:
Ecology, Hydrology, Policy/Legal Management, Water Resource Management

  • Stepchinski, L.M., Rains, M.C., Lee, L.C., Lis, R.A., Nutter, W.L., Rains, K.C., & Stewart, S.R. (2023). Hydrologic Connectivity and Flow Generation from California Vernal Pool, Swale, and Headwater Stream Complexes to Downstream Waters. Wetlands, 43(34). doi:
  • Gerlach, M.E., Rains, K.C., Guerrón, E.J., Kleindl, W.J., Downs, J., Landry, S.M., & Rains, M.C. (2022). Using remote sensing and machine learning to locate groundwater discharge to salmon-bearing streams. . doi:

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