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The USF Water Institute brings together faculty, students and stakeholders to conduct transdisciplinary research, provide innovative educational experiences, and facilitate public outreach efforts that promote science-based solutions to local and global water challenges.

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Water Institute Websites

  • WaterAtlas.org - The Water Atlas website is a comprehensive data resource, eventually covering the State of Florida, that helps citizens and scientists alike make informed decisions concerning our vital water resources.
  • SEACAR - The Statewide Ecosystem Assessment of Coastal and Aquatic Resources (SEACAR) database and website provide a repository for ecological indicator data, helping resource managers to assess the environmental health of Florida's Aquatic Preserves.
  • Water-CAT - A searchable database of Florida water monitoring activity that answers "who, what, where, when and why?" for water resource managers, researchers and citizens.
  • Terra-CAT - The FWC Species and Habitat Monitoring Programs Catalog is a searchable database of Florida habitat and species monitoring activity for natural resource managers, researchers, and citizens.
  • PlantAtlas.org - The Plant Atlas website incorporates standards-based data-driven internet technologies to disseminate plant information, images and distribution maps to the public.
  • TampaTreeMap.org - Mapping Tampa and USF's trees and growing a green future together. Tampa & USF Tree Map is a web-based map database of trees within the City of Tampa and USF campus.
  • ButterflyAtlas.org - The Butterfly Atlas is an evolving partnership whose members are united by a common need to manage and disseminate information about butterfly life cycles, habitats and host plants, taxonomy, sightings, flight periods, and photographs.

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Technical Services

As an extension of our ongoing research programs, we offer technical research services to public or private organizations looking for opportunities to augment the technical abilities of their existing staff as well as provide valuable training opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Current services include:

  • Field Data Collection – Water Resources
  • WIN/STORET Data Processing
  • Asset and Infrastructure Inventories
  • Contour Data Processing and Mapping Services
  • Data Mapping/Download Web Tool

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