E. Christian Wells

Professor, Anthropology

Education: Ph.D. in Anthropology, Arizona State University

I am an applied environmental anthropologist with an interdisciplinary background in the social and natural sciences. I maintain a diverse portfolio of research projects aimed at improving human and environmental health outcomes of re/development efforts in marginalized communities. My current research examines water and sanitation technology transitions in underserved communities.

Subject Areas:
Data Analysis/Modeling, Geology/Soils, Policy/Legal Management, Social/Cultural/Institutional, Sustainability, Water Quality, Water Treatment

  • Libby, J., Wells, C.E., & Mihelcic, J.R. (2020). Moving up the Sanitation Ladder while Considering Function: An Assessment of Indigenous Communities, Pit Latrine Users, and Their Perceptions of Resource-recovery Sanitation Technology in Panama. Environmental Science & Technology, 54(23), 15405-15413. doi: 10.1021/acs.est.0c04120
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  • Wells, E.C., Webb, W.A., Prouty, C.M., Zarger, R.K., Trotz, M.A., Whiteford, L.M., & Mihelcic, J.R. (2019). Wastewater Technopolitics on the Southern Coast of Belize. Economic Anthropology, 6(2), 277-290. doi: 10.1002/sea2.12145

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