Thomas Crisman

Eminent Scholar, Jefferson Science Fellow, Professor, School of Geosciences, College of Arts & Sciences

Organization: University of South Florida

Education: Ph.D. in Zoology-Limnology, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

I am a freshwater ecologist with 40 years experience in the ecology, management, restoration and conservation of lakes, wetlands and streams in Florida, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans.

Subject Areas:
Aquatic Biology, Climate, Ecology, Hydrology, Sustainability, Water Quality, Water Resource Management, Water Treatment

  • Landry, S.M., Seidel, V., & Crisman, T. (2012). Prioritizing Habitat Restoration Goals in the Tampa Bay Watershed. Tampa, FL: Tampa Bay Estuary Program.
  • Rains, M.C., Landry, S.M., Rains, K.C., Seidel, V., & Crisman, T. (2013). Using net wetland loss, current wetland condition, and planned future watershed condition for wetland conservation planning and prioritization. Wetlands, 33(5), 949-963.

External Collaborator